Worldwide Network

Asiaone International works with worldwide corporate clients, and understands the various demands required to enable it to provide the highest level of comprehensive service.


We act fast and are available 24/7. Since we are a family owned business, you’ll be treated like one of our family members. Our teams of multi-lingual staffs are a specialist in the requirements for repatriation. We have always been recognized as specialists in this field and we continue to receive constant referrals to-date all in all. Cases we’ve dealt with range from individual families to disasters mostly involving foreign nationals (tourists, retirees and expats). Through our network of funeral directors in several countries, we ensure the smooth process of collection and transportation of remains back to the favored destination. We operate on behalf of families, insurance companies, embassies, consulates and UN organizations. Trusted for our extensive experience, we can facilitate repatriations to any country in Asia and the Pacific, North America, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

The company is a registered member of the International Federation of Thanatologists Associations (IFTA), National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA).