Our services

Our team of multi-lingual staffs have always been recognized as specialists in the field of repatriation and we continue to receive constant referrals to date. The cases we dealt with ranges from individual families to disasters mostly involving foreign nationals.

Through our network of funeral directors worldwide, we ensure the smooth process of collection and transportation of remains back to their home country. We always make sure that our service is performed at the highest level, cost effective, fast and reliable.


Funeral Services

  • Detailed and dignified funeral services
  • Extensive options for religious ceremonies catering to all religious denominations
  • Able to offer all the way from simple ceremony to grand ceremony with catering services
  • Religious representative such as Priest, Rabbi and Monks can be invited to oversee the ceremony


  • Speedy arrangements
  • Specialists in this field with over 60 years of experience
  • Good network with airlines
  • Long experience as well as long history of working relationship results in smooth operations

Pre-paid Funeral Plan

  • Protect your loved ones from financial burden
  • Freedom of choice to plan your own funeral
  • Peace of mind, knowing that you’ve set money aside and the process will be handled profressionally
  • Wills management and safe storage of wills