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In-house facilities

Trusted for our extensive experience, our team of operative specialist can facilitate repatriation and cremation services to families all over the world according to religious, faith and beliefs.

At AsiaOne International, we take pride in smoothing out the process for our clients, providing our clients with timely yet detailed arrangements in all aspects of a funeral such as arranging coffin or urn, the paperwork and liaising with the local authorities so that our clients would not need to be hassled by these details in their time of bereavement.

AsiaOne International boast spacious, clean and modern facilities spread across four floors. It functions as a transit point where relatives of a deceased person can come together to perform funeral rites or plan their loved one’s journey home. We are the only funeral home in Thailand that has our own chapel room where we can invite various religious representative such as a Priest, a Rabbi, or a Buddhist monk, to oversee a funeral. We also have a showroom available where our collection of coffins and urns can be viewed so that the bereaved relatives can both see and touch the coffin before making a decision on what they would prefer for their loved ones.

  • Mortuary

  • Ritual room

  • Coffin showroom

  • Viewing room

  • Private room