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Customize your funeral plan
- Ceremony and venue
- Hearses
- Casket, coffins, urns
- Flowers
- Catering
- Videograph, Photographs and music

- Will storage


Why pre-planning a funeral?


Gives you a sense of control

Planning a funeral and body disposition in advance may seem morbid, but it can give people a sense of control over their own destiny. You can help shape your destiny.


Takes the pressure off family members

Funeral planning relieves families from the pressure of making tough decisions when the end comes. Knowing your wishes in advance makes planning easy.


Allows you to financially prepare

Whether you prepay for services of having your wishes prepared for payment later, planning ahead helps you establish your budget and consider your financial arrangements before the time comes. This helps you make sure the finance are covered, relieving the stress from your family.


Let your loved ones focus on healing

It can be extremely stressful when someone mourning the loss of a loved to try and figure out what they would have wanted for their final arrangements. Sharing your funeral wishes sllows your family to focus on grief & healing when you eventually pass.

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